Corporate magic - Eduard si Bianca | Campioni Internationali ai magiei
Adaugă magie, stil și eleganță evenimentului tău doar cu Eduard și Bianca. Cei doi vă oferă un spectacol inteligent, vizual și personalizat pentru evenimentul dumneavoastră.
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Corporate magic

Turn your event into one of the exception adding magic created and customized specifically for your company!

"Obsession" for our magic wish continue processing made us to create unforgettable moments that surpass any waiting!
With us you can have an unforgettable magic show with magic numbers, modern, custom created just for your company!
E & Bianca

Why E and Bianca?


  • Are the only duo of magicians from Romania
  • The entire show is designed for corporate events;
  • The show offered emerges from the classic patterns of magic (colored scarves, mingiuțe sponge, pigeons, Topper);
  • Magic numbers are modern, stylish, interactive comic, and is aimed at mature audiences;
  • Within the central part of the show will have a personalized moment of your company;
  • Invited guests will share the magic numbers from their impossible on tables throughout the series or its receipt;
  • The finale of the show is a big illusion, created by her, unique in Europe.



  • SHOW CENTRAL (30-35 minutes)

The show contains magic numbers central full of style and elegance, smart numbers, visible (illusions) and even numbers specially created to promote a product or brand.


  • The MICROMAGIE'S DESK (5-10 minutes per table)

Micromagia represents the magic up close, the magic that can happen even in his hands! After the show all central will want to see more, and this is an ideal opportunity to track some impressive numbers of magic that happens only a few centimeters from her with cards, coins and other objects will be left as a souvenir.


E and Bianca are those who can create an exceptional occurrence of a product that defines your company or even an important people!