clienti eduard si bianca

Add magic, style and elegance to your event by hiring Eduard & Bianca. The two magicians will amaze your guests with a visual, intelligent and customized magic show just for your company!

Choose the most unique magic show for your wedding, a show where the groom and the bride are the main characters. Eduard & Bianca have over 5 year experience in wedding magic and of course hundreds of satisfied clients.

Is your birthday or you just decided to throw a party?
Add some high quality magic from Eduard & Bianca to your event and amaze all your guests with modern and interactive magic!

Eduard & Bianca are the perfect choice for a big outdoor event because they are specialized in big, mesmerizing stage illusions. They performed in front of thousands of people and amazed them with original and dangerous illusions.

Eduard & Bianca are two of Europe’s most innovative and dynamic magicians and entertainers.

They mastered every category in magic from manipulation to close-up magic, stage magic, mentalism, big illusions or even kids magic … of course everything presented in a modern, unique and original way!

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