Mega Illusions - Eduard si Bianca | Campioni Internationali ai magiei
Adaugă magie, stil și eleganță evenimentului tău doar cu Eduard și Bianca. Cei doi vă oferă un spectacol inteligent, vizual și personalizat pentru evenimentul dumneavoastră.
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Mega Illusions

The mega illusions is a new concept in Romania introduced the two magicians E & Baby!


  • It is a unique spectacle that only E offers in Baby & Romania;
  • Nurses and dancers of the two iluzionişti become very hot atmosphere along with unique and modern delusions;
  • The show includes delusions which no other magician in the country not holding them;
  • It is the ideal show which can be found in outdoor concerts encompassing only impressive moments such as: appearances and disappearances, levitaţii, escapes and the unexplained, places or exchanges suits etc.

In this category there are no limits! The two magicians are the only professionals who can provide numbers unseen since the advent of the car up to illusions that you can put extreme life threatening!


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