Public events - Eduard si Bianca | Campioni Internationali ai magiei
Adaugă magie, stil și eleganță evenimentului tău doar cu Eduard și Bianca. Cei doi vă oferă un spectacol inteligent, vizual și personalizat pentru evenimentul dumneavoastră.
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Public events

E and Bianca are the perfect choice for any public event, whether it is an outdoor concert or a performance in a mall.


E and Bianca have performed in front of over 10000 people presenting large stage illusions that have shocked and impressed the audience. Whether we are talking about opening a concert days the city/village the two magicians guarantees an atmosphere full of energy, special effects and illusions and modern (occurrence and disappearance of people, levitații, hazardous and Getaways, exchanging places and outfits). Nurses and dancers of the two iluzionişti are the ones that become very hot atmosphere alongside the impressive magic numbers.


This show is 100% online, 100% and 100% original comic resulting 300% fun!
Performances of stand-up type are suitable for clubs, pubs, cafes or for locations with limited space but who want an unforgettable spectacle.

The spectacle offered by E and Bianca encompasses both moments of reading thoughts and unexplained numbers that impress any audience.


Whether it's a birthday party, a product launch or a themed party E and Bianca are the perfect choice.
The two magicians have extensive professional experience in relation to events within a mall, and I can guarantee you unforgettable magic shows whether children or adults!

The shows are very interactive, Visual effects and numbers that can be presented to a large audience!

Other public events: city days, concerts, parties, fairs, exhibitions, product launches, galas, proms, tours, and other public events, corporate or private.

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